IGNIS Energía

IGNIS is a global energy company, vertically integrated in the renewable sector and offering innovative energy solutions. Founded in 2015 by a team of engineers, IGNIS has focused its business strategy on renewable energy and innovative energy solutions.

With the aim of transforming this industry experience into the best energy solutions for the end consumer, they launched the group’s energy supply company in 2022. Through the IGNIS Energía brand, they offer electricity and gas supplies designed to be adapted to each of their customers, whether residential sector, businesses or industries, regardless of their size, power, or consumption.

Their value proposition is reflected in their motto “Simply, energy”, as they work to offer clear and accessible energy solutions, in an honest and transparent manner. Thus, thanks to the more than 500 energy advisors who trust them, they have reached over 30,000 customers in just 2 years.

More information at www.ignisenergia.es.