ACIE (Association of Independent Energy Retailers) was founded in 1999 with the aim of defending the interest of the independent electricity suppliers. In 2012, the scope of its activity was extended to natural gas business segment. Today, ACIE is the main gas and electricity suppliers association in Spain.

The main purpose of ACIE is to defend and promote the interest of its members within the framework of a liberalized market, fostering competition both in wholesale and retail gas and electricity markets, as well as the equality of opportunities in retail business activities.

ACIE is member of the Electricity and Hydrocarbon Advisory Board, CCE and CCH respectively, as the representative of retailers. ACIE is actively involved in them through the contribution of its members to the proposals to amend the regulation by submitting allegations.

ACIE is also member of the Electricity and Gas Market Agents Committee, CAM.

European Energy Retailers Founding Member

Recently, ACIE has joined the European Association EER (European Energy Retailers) as founding member, being EER the first European network of national associations of independent suppliers, to strengthen the regulatory activity at European level (www.europeanenergyretailers.eu)